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    Exclamation Rules for Service Providers

    All of the services offered to service providers (SP's) on GTERB are free. They include advertising, interaction with clients, ability to respond to reviews, an SP forum to exchange information and ideas, and a banner swap program. Our requirements to become a Registered SP on GTERB are not for everyone but we are seeking the participation of SP's that will value their membership and make a positive contribution to our community.

    As of January 1, 2013, if you are an SP you must follow the rules listed below to become a member of GTERB and to maintain your membership:

    1) You must register with the Admin of GTERB via PM or email at prior to making any posts or other PMs. Failure to register prior to making any posts or other PMs will result in you being banned from GTERB.

    2) Agencies must provide a copy of their Master Business Licence (MBL) issued in the name of the agency to insure they are not related to a banned party and are a legitimate business. Agencies without an appropriate MBL will be denied membership to GTERB.

    3) You must have a website with a separate paid domain and a phone number for client use. The website can't be a classified ad site (e.g., Redzone, Duttslist, LeoList) nor can you be using a shared domain (e.g., Wix, Webs). You have to provide GTERB with a working link that will be checked monthly. If your site disappears or does not work, you will be given notice and your account here suspended. You will then need to email Admin at to have your membership restored.

    4) Your name will appear on our SP listing with your website link and contact info. Your website link should be included in your member signature along with your phone number and email address.

    5) Please limit your posting of threads for ads and specials to one per day. There is no limit to replying to these threads so long as it doesn't become abusive. Just don't start new ones all the time.

    6) You are not allowed spam members with unsolicited advertisements via email or PMs.

    7) Please post your advertisements in the SP Chatter forum of your area where you work from (Niagara, Hamilton, Toronto or Outer Areas). All of your advertising threads are to be posted in that forum only. You will still be able to post in other forums on the site but not for advertising purposes.

    8) You will have to accept the bad reviews with the good ones. We will keep the squabbles down but we do not censor the reviews here. This is an open board. Please carefully consider your response before you post about a review or topic.

    9) Once you are registered here as a SP and then you are eligible to participation in our free banner ad swap program. Please check the sticky thread in the Service Provider Forum for more details.

    10) The information posted in Service Provider Forum is confidential and shared only with SP's and administrators. Breach of confidentiality will result in the banning of the offending SP.

    11) Please refrain from making derogatory comments about other SPs that are members. If you wish to involve yourself in that kind of activity then do so via PM or in the Service Provider Forum. If you become abusive towards any member on the open board, then your membership may be terminated.

    12) If you are an SP that is represented by an agency that is a member here, then you must register using your working name and then the "@" symbol and then followed by the name of the agency. For example, Stephanie who is represented by XYZ Escorts would register under the name Stephanie@XYZ. If the agency that represents you is not a member here, then you will be denied membership. Agencies who don't have at least one member of management with an active GTERB account will have their membership terminated.

    13) You are not allowed to advertise on behalf of an SP that is not a member here. If you are performing duo's with a provider that is not a member here, then you may not advertise the name of the provider but you you may mention that you are performing duo's and for members to contact you for further information.

    14) If your website or advertisements contain any misleading information or stolen/fake/misrepresenting pictures then your membership will be denied or terminated.

    15) You are not allowed to advertise explicitly for sexual services as of December 5, 2014 at 11:59 PM.

    16) A service provider (SP) is defined as an escort, massage parlour attendant, erotic dancer, webcam model, chat operator, or agencies representing said persons, or anyone else engaged in the adult entertainment industry.

    We reserve the right modify these rules at any time and without notice. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please contact a moderator.
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