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    Exclamation GTERB Rules

    GTERB is a private, members-only forum. You must register to become a member, and membership is always free. When you register you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of GTERB as published and subsequently modified. The terms and conditions are noted below this post and you agree to any modifications of the terms and conditions by your continued use of GTERB.

    We have a few rules that we need to point out to keep GTERB running smoothly. For most of you, this is not an issue. You always were and always will be responsible posters. But some people just can't work and play well with others. It is for this small minority of people that these rules are necessary. The 99% of you can remember one simple rule. Post like ladies and gentlemen. For the rest of you, there are the rules.

    1) Posting in forums
    Please think before you post a new thread in a certain forum. I get a lot of threads that are in wrong areas that should be posted in others areas. It's just a small issue but makes life around here a little bit easier. Please look at the tabs for each area and they can explain what should be posted in there. For example, please post only reviews in the Reviews forums. requests for information on an service providers (SP) and questions about services should be posted in the General Chatter forums.

    If anyone is responding to a request for information with a review, post it in the review forums with a link to the review in the original thread requesting information. SP's should please follow our rules that are posted in the Rules for Service Providers. This way we keep the review forums as clutter free as possible. This is not so critical but just helpful to us. Any questions about this just PM me.

    If you make a post and see ####### then you have posted something that violates GTERB rules as it has been censored for a reason that is posted here. Please do not try and get around the censorship by changing the post, there is a reason that it has been censored. If you alter the post to defeat the censorship then your account may be suspended or banned.

    Please do not bump threads for the purpose of promotion. If you do this you will be warned and then asked, or forced, to leave.

    2) Negativity and fighting
    Attacking anyone on here is not wanted or needed. If you have an issue with someone then do it in PM, or tell the moderators here and we will discuss it. Plus, the members that think attacking the moderators here is a sport, will be kindly asked to leave. Yes, criticism of the moderators is fine if done respectfully, but lack of respect or being overtly critical will not be. If you are one of those people who is constantly negative, critical of the board and it's members, and don't provide much in the way of a positive contribution, then you may be served better by participation elsewhere, and we may hasten that process.

    It is the position of the moderators of this board that it needs active participation by the SP's. We believe that having SP's posting and advertising here is a key ingredient necessary for success in accomplishing the mission of GTERB. It is absolutely necessary to provide the SP's with an environment where they can feel safe and welcome, where they needn't worry about unwarranted personal or professional attacks. Starting smear campaigns against an SP for no reason or a personal gripe will not be tolerated. This does not give SP's free reign to do as they please here. Everyone is held accountable for their actions. Yes, there are some SP's that are dishonest but with civil discussion we can bring those to light and hopefully change their attitudes. To do so we will need to earn their trust and respect to gain the credibility of not being jerks. Hopefully by limiting the madness to a lower level here we can gain some of that. I'm not saying the complaining will end here, I would just like to see less of it. I think the membership still needs to be very careful with others here on the boards and out there in the business. If you are a problem poster and have nothing to positive to contribute here, then we will have to part ways. No ripoff artists. No hired guns. No village idiots. No villains need apply here.

    3) Rules for Service Providers
    If you are a Service Provider (escort, agency, dancer, massage parlour attendant, etc.) you are required to register with the Admin of GTERB prior to making any posts. There are many benefits to becoming a Registered SP on GTERB. We do not accept anything for advertising here nor will we accept donations. GTERB is a free site that has been pre-funded for many years to come by a former Admin of the board. We will exchange banner ads only with Registered SP's but this in no way an endorsement of their services. Please read the thread on GTERB Rules for Service Providers for more details.

    4) Calendar events
    Posting of events into GTERB's calendar, must go through our moderation team first. We will look at the posting to consider it's validity. Events should be sanctioned by SP's or other responsible entities to help in this process. We consider members safety and other factors in this judgement. GTERB is not responsible for or represent any events posted in the calendar. We do not or promote these events, other than have them listed on our board.

    5) Favoritism or freebies
    The moderators of GTERB do not accept any payment/trade of any kind for any service we provide on this board. If you think you have been treated in this way, please send a PM to Admin and it will be looked into. Do not accept this from other members either. If you are an SP, do not be pressured into accepting a review for a call.

    6) No shilling
    Shill: A hobbyist who writes unwarranted positive reviews in exchange for discounts or special favors from an SP, or an SP that writes positive reviews about themselves and posts it.

    7) Banned handles
    Once your banned, please leave. You need help and these boards are not good for you. Don't take message boards so seriously and time away from here may really do you some good. Do not alter your handle to look like it was banned. If you want it banned, we can get that title for you, permanently. Once a handle has been banned, the account may be taken over to determine the identity of the offender and any potential damage caused to GTERB.

    8) Promotion of other boards
    We realize that there are times when there is a valid reason to mention another escort message board or listing site. The moderators may permit casual references to such boards or sites. However, the moderators will have sole discretion to delete or edit a post that is deemed to be an advertisement or promotion of another board. We don't permit you to advertise or promote other boards here. We are here to serve you with the best info that we can. There are other boards out there and always will be, but there are places that offending members want to take you to just to spread their nonsense and hate. The only way we can stop or slow this down is by not letting them advertise or promote it here. Links to other areas of the web are permitted but as we look at these, if they are offensive or not to our standards, they will be edited or deleted.

    9) Competing boards
    Anyone that has ownership or affiliation with a review or promotional message board having to do with adult entertainment industry will not be allowed membership here on GTERB.

    10) No spamming
    This will be strictly enforced. Clicking onto links that send you to other places is dangerous for your computer. Also no spamming other members via PM or email with specials, discounts, ads and other such nonsense.

    11) Outing someone and Personal info
    To protect our members from others and themselves, the moderators will edit or delete any post that contains member personal identification information. Posting personal info of others will not be tolerated. It will be deleted when found and then you will be banned. I'm not going to be able to go around to every single area and delete every single name and such from the past. If you see something that needs attention, then please notify a moderator.

    12) Multiple handles
    To be very clear, multiple handles will not be allowed on this board. Once caught the handles will be banned forever. This is not up for debate. There has been far too many multiple handle members from here and other boards trying to hide.

    13) Deletion of posts/members
    I have had several members asking to have posts deleted because of personal issues with their real lives mixing in with their jobs and the boards. Generally, we do not do deletion as it can be a very time consuming task. Each post needs to be deleted one at a time. There is no way to mass delete posts by a single member. Even if there were, to do so could disrupt the flow of the entire board. Just remember we are not here 24/7 so it may take sometime to do, if we decide to do it, and we only do it for pictures or personal information. We do not delete member accounts here under any circumstances.

    14) Screen Names
    Management has the right to disallow any screen name that is deemed to be problematic for any reason. For example, screen names that contain offensive language, have the potential to harm someone, have a hidden agenda, or that are similar to other existing screen names so as to cause confusion.

    15) Emails, PM's and Pictures
    Emails, PM's and pictures you have sent or received may not be published in any post unless you have the prior written consent of the author or recipient. If you are not the author or recipient of an email, PM or picture that is published, you need to have written permission from both parties.

    16) Threats
    Threats of physical violence as well as other types of serious threats will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely. Members who make threats against other members may face permanent banning.

    17) Banned Service Providers
    No posts are allowed for E R O T I C A Escorts, nor are they allowed for the principal of the agency named M A R I A H, or their successor agency A P P A R A T I O N S escorts, or any future successor agencies. E R O T I C A Escorts has been banned for posting a shill review, being responsible for the posting of a false claim of an SP having an STD, making false allegations about other members, sending a threatening email to a former moderator of GTERB, and being responsible for the filing of a complaint with the police regarding a competing agency party which caused the SP's, the owner of the establishment, and the hobbyists who attended to be harassed.

    18) Posts related to STDs and other potentially slanderous activities
    No posts or PMs claiming anyone specific has an STD, even if it is a self admission, or claiming anyone engages in a potentially slanderous activity, will be allowed. The board has no method of validating any claims that are made and any such claims should be assumed to be false. Anyone posting such claims will be banned immediately. If you think you have contracted an STD you should contact the Public Health Agency of Canada.

    19) Services outside of Ontario, Canada
    The purpose of this board is to serve hobbyists and service providers within the Province of Ontario, Canada. Posts promoting services provided or SPs in the United States is strictly prohibited on this GTERB.

    20) Registering as a member of GTERB
    In order to register as a member here you will need to answer a quick question on Canada. This is used to help eliminate spammers who attack message boards. We also require that you register from a traceable IP address and that your IP address be unique, meaning it must not already be registered to another member. We do not accept registrations from IP addresses outside of Canada and the United States. New memberships are usually processed within 24 hours. If you have any issues registering, please contact Admin at

    I believe in the 3 strikes way of moderation. I prefer to let you hang yourself in a few posts and we will give you warnings and let you know when you are crossing the line but there is only so much we can put up with. Though I'm all for discussion and think that most problems can be worked out in PM's.

    I also reserve the right to change these rules at anytime as needed. There is always some idiot coming up with something new here.

    Posts can have real impact on real people As you read the rules, some of you may say to yourself: "Geez, this is a message board, why take it so seriously? Management really needs to lighten up." On many boards that would be correct. However, on this board things that are written can, and very frequently do, have serious and real impact of the lives of actual people. Please think about that for a minute. To you it may be all in fun but the SP's use this board to support themselves.

    Some posters think that a board like this is their personal playground and they can say what they want. For a long time this board had very few enforced rules and that kind of thinking would create real problems for people trying to enjoy themselves or earn a living. Think what a review board of your actions at your place of employment would be like.

    Please keep in mind that our objective is to make this a fun, safe place for everyone to enjoy. But in order to do that, we need to be strict in our policies and diligent in our enforcement to make sure no one gets harmed by anything that someone else writes.

    This board is moderated by a team of individuals called Mods. These people are responsible for reading the posts that are submitted to the board and determining whether or not there are any violations of the rules. Keep in mind that all of the Mods volunteer their spare time to perform this vital function. As such, they cannot be expected to catch every infraction in real time. Sometimes a thread will get out of control before it is noticed by a Mod. In other cases, troublesome posts will slip through the cracks and remain up on the board for awhile. You can help. In the upper right of every post box is [!] Report button. Use it to get prompt attention from the Mods or PM them directly.

    Admin - or email at

    Datyguy -

    One Eye Jack -

    Singlemalt -

    Please realize that what you think may be a violation of the rules, may not be considered as such by the Mods. It is our commitment to make this board the most enjoyable and informative board of its type. In order to do that we need to strike a balance between your desire for a free exchange of ideas, opinions and information and our need to keep things civilized and safe for all of us.

    In closing...... We are long standing hobbyists here and are looking to promote this hobby. I would prefer to steer this board away from it's past as a ''free for all'' and ''anything goes'' place to flame everyone. We need to move away from more of the other boards complaining/attacks and stick with providing a safe place for hobbyists and SP's to improve, promote and inform about the adult entertainment industry. If that's not what you are looking for, then I guess we will be parting ways. Also you are responsible for what you type into this magic box we call a computer. What info is out there was put into it by you, please remember that as you post.

    Stay safe = play safe


    Although the administrators and moderators of GTERB will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of GTERB, nor Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

    By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you warrant that you are over the age of 18 and will hold harmless the owners, administrators, agents, moderators, subcontractors, financial supporters, and their successors and assigns, of GTERB, for any and all legal claims past, present or future and for whatever reason. You agree that you will reimburse to the parties noted above any and all legal defense costs arising from any legal action brought by you against any of the parties noted above, or brought by another party against any of the parties noted above as a result of any messages posted by you, regardless of the outcome of the legal proceedings.

    By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate any laws. GTERB is an adult fantasy message board and the information contained herein is to be viewed as such. GTERB does not warrant the accuracy of any of the information posted and no attempt has been made to identify the legitimacy of any of the members or posted information.

    By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree that the owners and moderators of GTERB reserve the sole discretion to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason. You also warrant that you have read the GTERB Rules as posted and agree to abide by said rules and any subsequent modifications.
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